Pilates with Iris Chang

About Iris

Hi, I am Iris. I have been practicing Pilates since 2014.

I am now a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor which is a certification program with an emphasis on rehabilitation and alignment.

I began my commitment to fitness as a teenager doing street dance and considered becoming a dancer. However, I began teaching English after graduating from University.

I started Pilates to combat intermittent back pain that comes with poor posture. Strengthening my core took away the back pain and I am now a Pilates believer! I am also YogaFit® Level one certified. I like to give my clients a work out which makes them feel a positive change in their body. Alignment, breathing and movement is my focus when teaching dynamic or remedial work. I like traveling, running and dancing in my free time.


Pilates Classes


Beginner Class

  • First Steps in Practicing Pilates
  • Wednesday 7pm
  • 60 mins - Video recording will be sent after every class, you can practice anytime !
  • £8 per class
    (£45 for 6 classes)

Dynamic Class

  • Fun and Challenging Work Out
  • Saturday 9:30am
  • 40 mins
  • £6 per class
    (£20 for 4 classes)

Corporate Class

  • Tailored for Individual Client
  • One to One or Group Class Provided
  • Please Get In Touch For More Information

✿ Due to COVID-19, All Classes & Private Sessions Are Being Conducted Virtually ✿

Workout Videos


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